Food City RX Delivery

Food City is now delivering prescription medications within a 10 mile radius of your local Food City grocery store.

How does prescription medication delivery work? 

  1. First, fill your prescription(s) at your nearest Food City pharmacy (call or visit us in person to request delivery!)
  2. Ask the pharmacist if the medication is eligible for delivery.  If you have multiple medications, ask the pharmacist to combine your orders into the least amount of deliveries.
  3. Let the pharmacist know when you would like the medication delivered.  The pharmacist will need your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS (including apartment # if applicable), and cell phone number (to receive text notifications).  Please let the pharmacist know if there are any special delivery requests.
  4. A courier will be notified of a pick-up and sent to the pharmacy.  The courier will pick-up the prescription and the customer will be notified via text message.  The courier will drive to the customer’s location and the customer will be notified of status updates via text message.  The prescription will be left at the front door (unless otherwise noted) and a photo will be taken as proof of delivery.  Currently, Contactless Delivery is enforced nationwide, and no signature is required at this time. When signatures are required again, the courier will sign their smart-phone to complete the electronic signature capture.


Q: Will my prescriptions be private?

A.  Yes, Food City pharmacy will place your prescription(s) inside a discreet tamper-evident bag.  The only information that the delivery driver will see is the customer’s name, address, and phone number.  No information related to the actual prescription will be seen on the outside of the bag.

Q: How much is the delivery service?

A: $7.95

Q: How do I pay for the delivery service?

A: Payment for this service will be completed with the pharmacist.  No money will exchange hands between the courier and the customer.

Q: Will my insurance plan affect my ability to have my order delivered?

A. Yes, delivery is not available for all insurance plans and prescription benefit plans.  This includes Medicare Part B.  Please call your local pharmacy for additional details.

Q: I am social distancing and do not want to be in contact with my courier, how does delivery work?

A:  Currently, we are under Contactless Delivery protocol.  No signature will be required and a photo will be taken as proof that the prescription was delivered successfully.  You will receive text messages (assuming a cell phone number is provided) notifying you of pickup, estimated time of arrival, and final delivery.  Please note that text messaging and data rates may apply.

Q: Will the courier know what they are delivering?

A.  The driver is a Level 2 driver, meaning, they have been cleared for RX delivery.  The couriers have been educated on expectations around pharmacy delivery, privacy, and protected health information at the order level.  The courier has been background checked for criminal convictions as well as for motor vehicle records.  The driver will know that there is medication inside the bag, but they will not know what type of medication or how much is in the bag.  They also will not know if the bag contains one or multiple prescriptions.  All delivered medications will be placed inside a tamper-evident bag to ensure proper delivery. 

Q: Does Food City or the delivery service retain my information?

A:  The Food City pharmacy will have your information on file.  However, the delivery service only collects customer data that is needed to perform the delivery service, including customer name, address, and phone number.  The delivery service has the ability to redact Customer information received during the delivery process and will do so every 30 days.

Q: What medications cannot be delivered?

A: Schedule II, III, IV, and V pharmaceuticals cannot be delivered.  Anything temperature controlled also cannot be delivered at this time.  Other drug exclusions may apply. Please call your local pharmacy for details. 

Q: I received notification that my medication was delivered but I cannot find it.

A:  Please call your Food City pharmacy where you filled your prescription to notify the store that you did not receive your medication.  The pharmacist will double check the information that was collected at the time of the initial order to ensure the contact information was correct.  The pharmacist will also check the log of images that prove medication was delivered successfully to help the customer locate the package.  If all the information is correct and the package is indeed missing, the pharmacist will notify the courier. The Courier’s Support Team will immediately investigate the claim.

Q: What if there is an issue with my delivery?

A. Call your Food City pharmacy immediately if you received the wrong prescription or are concerned with the package that was delivered.

Q: What do I do if I have questions about my prescription?

A:   Included in your tamper-evident bag are printed instructions and drug information for all new medications you receive. If you have additional questions, please call your Food City pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist. 

Q: Are all grocery items in Food City available for delivery through the RX delivery service?

A:  No, only medications filled by your Food City pharmacy are available for delivery.  Food City does offer grocery delivery through Instacart.  If you are interested in having groceries delivered, please visit our website –